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Booster Bitch fwb



This prototype aims to explore a possible way between players and audiences in a party game.

Inspiration and Motivation

This prototype gets the idea of a living stream of Pokemon, in which audiences could comment to control the character's actions of the existing game.

We have interests to connect the audience in the party and the real players because there is always an incoordination between the actual participants of a game and the exact number of party people. Someone watches other guys play but has no room to join, like the Maria Party. We are interested in how to create a new immersive way to create a more vivid atmosphere for parties.

Design Details

The design part mainly divided into three parts

  • The actions of the audience
  • The fun of players
  • The connection between the actions of spectators and the effect exerting on players

For the fun of players, we majorly simulate "killer queen" and "Towerfall ascension", creating analogous scenarios for players to experience.

For actions of audiences, this prototype allows audience voting for the players, and it has a pool to keep the most recent 20 votes, and the more votes the player get, he or she will get more speed acceleration than other players.


This prototype gets several rounds of tests, and gain very positive results. But the major problem for this exploration is about the complex input for the player's name. Some testers told us it would be more fun if audiences continuously push button. In advances, we believe there will be more connections between players and audiences.